Ambulatory EEG

What is an ambulatory EEG?

An ambulatory EEG is an EEG study that is performed in the comfort of your own home!


How is an ambulatory EEG performed?

During an ambulatory EEG, electrode wires will be attached to your child’s head in the same manner as for a routine EEG. However your child’s head will be wrapped securely with gauze and your child will be allowed to go home with the leads intact for the duration of the study. You will carry the recording equipment in a lightweight back pack. You will be provided with a video camera and a log to document any events that you suspect may be seizure activity. An ambulatory EEG may be ordered from 24-72 hours in duration. Please download the Ambulatory Instruction Sheet, Ambulatory Permission Sheet, and the Ambulatory Log Sheets for more information.






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