Call your primary care physician and they will submit a referral to our office.


It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure prior insurance authorization for appointments and procedures. Please contact our office prior to each visit to verify that we have received the appropriate insurance authorization(s).


Call your pharmacy for refills, and they will request it from our office. For controlled medications, call our office for a refill.


Medication refills are not provided over the weekend. If necessary, your pharmacist can provide you with a 3-day emergency supply.


For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.


No, your child will be evaluated by the ER staff. If the ER staff has questions, they will consult the neurologist on-call.


All patients receiving sleep studies or EEG studies must be referred by the child’s medical provider. Discuss a referral for testing with your provider and have them fax the “Direct Referral for Sleep Study” or “Direct Referral for EEG” form to our Neurophysiology Lab at 850.916.7667.





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